Although almost twenty years have elapsed since my car accident occurred and ensuing brain injury, a passion for writing had encoded itself upon my brain; a passion that synchronizes and directs all future choices that pertain to the written word.

When I was released from the hospital, I wasn’t quite my enthusiastic self; I wasn’t quite keen on re-entering my earlier active routine. I still had plenty of efforts and exertions ahead of me, much stamina to encourage long hours needed for my previous habits. It wasn’t long when my favourite songs and movies of that time period became stale and redundant. It wasn’t long when I began to substitute the long list of daily exercises I was given and the necessary walks I was to complete with the reading one of my favourite authors of the time; it wasn’t long when I began to realize that I had sixteen hours a day in which to develop or hone this newly observed piety of mine: Writing.

I began an adult outreach program with Athabasca University and have been working towards completing an undergraduate diploma or certificate in English, but quickly became discouraged when I discovered that funds could no longer meet desire.  So, needless to say, formal education in writing is a continuing process for me.

Although I do plan on continuing my studies with Athabasca University, desire has never waned.  As I continue to learn the techniques and various styles of writing, finds that this book of Poetry is an enjoyable sabbatical until then.  Who knows, perhaps I discovered a style of writing that encourages that encoded passion for writing birthed so many years earlier.

These few poems are the onset of a Book of Poetry entitled: The Greater Zodiac: The Philosophy of the Cause and Effect Principle.

Part I of The Greater Zodiac will be an expression of cursive script and flowing narratives seeking relation between inception of a vast universe and inception of our own personal and intimate soul.  A journey of narrative style poems in the 2nd person, encompassing the theme and asking the question:  Are the uncertainties and queries of the soul nothing more than openings into undisciplined perceptions, thoughts in disarray, or an immense cosmic riddle waiting to be explored; awaiting a personal and intimate form of liberation? The theme for the following poems will concern the pre-physical plane of Divine Consciousness; to the potential of the human spirit at a conscious ebb and flow of existence.

Martha MacDougald. I can be reached at scheat_4@yahoo.com or aphorism3@telus.net

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