True Conception of Henry Lanier

If Emilia Bassano Lanier and Christoph220px-Emily_Bassano220px-Christopher_Marlowe240px-Steven_van_Herwijck_Henry_Carey_1st_Baron_Hunsdon7b0819e8e6d0c1b5f46dd0a6501ee9d7er Marlowe had an affair prior to her engagement to her arranged engagement to Alphonso Lanier on October 18th, 1592—then could, Christopher Marlowe have been the actual father of her son, Henry Lanier?    November 3rd, 2015 @ 3:55 PM—Horary Chart


  • Querent: the 1st house cusp @ 17 degrees Aries. The planetary ruler of Aries is Mars which rules men between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-five, sex, haste, quarrels and danger—Marlowe was twenty-nine years of age.
  • In the Chaldean system of planets, Saturn rules the 1st house and represents the beginning of life; the birth of the soul.
  • Quisited: the cusp of the 7th house is @ 17 degrees Libra. The planetary ruler of Libra is Venus which rules one-on-one relationships, pleasures, love, young women and the mother—Emilia was twenty-three years old.
  • Father: the 4th from the 5th house is the 8th @ 25 degrees Scorpio. The planetary ruler of Scorpio is Mars which rules men ages twenty-five to thirty-five.
  • In the Chaldean system of planets, the 4th house represents the Sun and the Sun is the natural ruler of the father; as well as, home, family and domestic issues.
  • Conjunction aspect— The conjunction aspect between the querent and quisited significators (signifying planets) predicts that the outcome of this question is going to be not just easily found, but that the question will be sufficiently supported through the ease of the conjunction between querent and quisited.
  • This 0-10 degree aspect implies an uncomplicated movement of energy; an effortless current coursing through the various springs that the earth provides. Because the elements are similar; as well as, the modes of expression, both querent and the quisited will work well/effortlessly together, like in a metaphorical debate to determine the solution to the question. The airy element of Libra will stimulate the eternal enthusiastic energy of the fire element.


     Gratitude only begins to illustrate how I feel about this finding. The cusp of the 5th house, which rules children, is @ 23 degrees Cancer and the actual Moon itself is @ 15 degrees Leo in the 5th house, as well.

    In the Chaldean system of planet order, the planetary ruler of this house would be Venus—Venus rules various things, such as, the mother, the wife, pleasures, parties, and theatre.  I find this information to be quite promoting to a ‘positive’ finding of this chart because theatre activities and court parties were the norm during the renaissance era!

Horary Worksheet

Querent:   Martha MacDougald


Question:        If Emilia Bassano Lanier and Christopher Marlowe had an affair prior to her arranged engagement to Alphonso Lanier on October 18th, 1592, then could Christopher Marlowe have been the actual father of her son, Henry Lanier?          

Time, Date, Place:          November 3rd, 2015 @ 3:55 PM—Horary Chart, Cold Lake, AB           

Querent’s Planets:     The Querent’s Significator is Mars—other planets in the first house are: Uranus @ two minutes past the ASC


Quesited Planets:      The Significator of the Quesited is Venus—other planets in the seventh house are: the Sun and Mercury.  


Past ¡ Aspect:  Sept 15th, 2015


   Moon conjunct Venus—a person with this conjunction strongly values women and their causes or plights—it can mean nothing more than they are empathetically not confined to traditionally determined roles of their ancestors, and may suggest a need to establish new and updated regulations to better understand what words like ‘womanhood’ and ‘feminine’ actually mean to them. The Moon symbolizes women in general, mothers, and feelings; Venus symbolizes young women, relationships and values—both planets are feminine; she has reportedly been referred to as ‘the defender of womenkind’.

     Among the series of books on feminism before the mid-nineteenth century, General Editor, Susanne Woods, feels that “The Poems of Emilia Lanier: Salve Deus Rex Judaeorum”, clearly provides concrete evidence towards a rich and lively heritage of women writing before the Victorian Period.         




               Dig        Exalt              Trip                   Term            Face            Det             Fall            Notes


¢ in ˜

2nd Face

+ 1

¡ in •


£ in ˜

4th Term

+ 2

¤ in –

D. Ruler

2nd Term

2nd Face


+ 1 (+4) Accidental dignity

¥ in –

5th Term

+ 2

¦ in –

2nd Term


§ in ™

3rd Term

3rd Face

+ 3



Accidental DIGNITIES


  • With accidental dignity, Uranus, in the 1st house of the querent, just two minutes past the ASC is retrograde. Jupiter is somewhat impeded within the 6th house and Mercury is not only hindered, but ‘under the Sun Beams’. A detriment Venus, however, is brought back to its full power in the 7th, the quisited’s house.

Speed of Planets:


On this date, the movement of the Moon was 12.15”, faster than its normal seed of 13.11”—the querents significators Mars @ 0.36”, on this date, was slightly faster than its normal 0.34” and the average speed of Venus, the quisited’s significators was 0.59”—on this date, the movement of Venus was 1.03”, much faster than normal.


  Analysis and Opinion:


     A while ago, I stumbled across a miniature portrait of a man that changed the entire thesis of what I have been writing about: the mysterious death of Christopher Marlowe.  The portrait shows a young man, perhaps just entering the prime of his life in a lower level ‘royal loyalist’ uniform.  His features look very similar to Christopher Marlowe’s.  If the circulation date of this miniature portrait is approximately the 1630’s, like Benjamin Breen’s blog suggests, then the possibility is quite definite that the man in the miniature portrait is the son of Christopher Marlowe.

    The querent, the one asking the question, will have a Sun and Moon sign of their own; however, you may find that the querent will temporarily exhibit qualities having much in common with the Ascendant of a particular horary chart—asking a personal, in depth question can be quite a subjective experience for some.  Aries as the Significators, illustrates my enthusiasm for discovering the outcome to this question; Uranus, just a mere two minutes into the first is the co-significators for myself, this planet represents a sudden realization; an unexpected or impulsive discernment.  I do have to admit that the discovery of this information felt much like inspiration.

    Because she was Lord Hunsdon’s Mistress and the picture of the young man in the miniature portrait I stumbled across, resembles Christopher Marlowe more than Lord Chamberlain, my imagination cannot help but wonder about the conclusions in the above mentioned book.  The reasoning in the chart, does suggest that Christopher Marlowe was most definitely the biological father of Henry Lanier, Emilia Bassano Lanier’s son, but the chart may also reveal a ‘question within a question’ though the outer planet, Uranus.

“Uranus may indicate a condition or person that exists outside the orbit of a question, but which may nevertheless affect it in ways beyond the querent’s control. They represent factors within the social environment or natural world which will operate in their own fashion regardless of what the querent does.” Barbara Watters, Horary Astrology and the Judgement of Events”.  An example of a question within a question perhaps? 

   According to John Hudson’s book, “Shakespeare’s Dark Lady: Emilia Bassano Lanier: The Woman behind the works of Shakespeare”, the affair between Christopher Marlowe and Emilia Bassano Lanier ended when she became pregnant and was married off to Alphonso Lanier Oct 18th 1592—under the guise that the child was Henry Carrey’s, Patron of Lord Chamberlain’s Men; William Shakespeare’s theatre company. Her son, Henry Lanier, was born sometime in Jan/Feb 1593, the following year. Marlowe’s death was four months after the birth of the baby.


Frustrated, Perfected and Aspects of Hindrance:

  • The Querents Significator and co-significator: Mars, Uranus.
  • Mars will conjunct Venus before it conjuncts Jupiter; therefore Jupiter is a ‘frustrated’ planet within the 6th house of Virgo.
  • Mars will conjunct Venus before it opposes Chiron.
  • Jupiter opposes Chiron (perfect aspect, both planets are @ 17degrees 13”) in their own respective signs, this aspect obstructs Mars because it is in conjunction with Jupiter, and; therefore, hinders Mars.


  • The Quesited Significator and co-significator: Venus, and co-significators the Sun, Mercury.
  • Venus will oppose Chiron at the same time it conjuncts Jupiter
  • Chiron @ 17 degrees 13” in the 12th house represents a ‘secret enemy’. Chiron can indicate the reason or seriousness of a condition or action of a significators. The better known planet, Jupiter, however, is in the 6th house of service. So both the significators, Venus and Mars, confro nt a 12th house issue approximately the same time Chiron opposes Jupiter—Jupiter represents a middle-aged man. My discovery of Chiron’s 12th house issue in the last chart, represented Lord Chamberlain’s never healing wound.
  • Also within this chart, Neptune @ 7 degrees in the 12th house— Venus is @ 25 degrees in the 6th house while Mars is @ 24 degrees in the 6th

   “When Neptune forms an adverse aspect to the planet ruling the querent or to the one ruling the matter asked about, it is safe to assume some degree of deception, delusion, fraud is operating, and that it is connected with the house and sign in which Neptune is placed,” Barbara Water’s.


In Retrospect:


So what would Uranus be trying to tell me? Is a question I’ve asked myself over and over again since the creation of this chart. In horary astrology, Uranus rules the rights of man kind in general. The modern ruler of Aquarius is Uranus and the sign is opposite Leo, which rules Kings and Royalty. According to Barbara Watters in her book, Horary Astrology and the Judgment of Events, “Social and political theories of a rational, secular nature which purport to serve humanity as a whole and are therefore said to be humanitarian, are ruled by Uranus.”

   The various ways a retrograde planet can manifest its energy is by representing that something dysfunctional is going on with the things they represent.  By looking at the developments throughout the history of what the retrograde planet represents, you will get a better understanding of the situations future.  Because retrograde planet are closest to the earth/earth plane, the issue represented by the retrograde planet is being forced to the surface.  Taking into consideration what the signs, house, and aspects of this planet are will reveal the dysfunction.

    This planet, however, was retrograde and will; therefore, have an entirely different meaning. If a retrograde planet represents a ‘hindered change’, then Uranus must be hindered in some way—Uranus is square Pluto in the 10th house; the 10th house governs achievements, worldly position and monarchy; Pluto, itself, represents ‘powerful forces’ among other things.  That means whatever situation or plan Christopher Marlowe had, it was stalled, deterred by a powerful force within the monarchy. 

   Uranus was also trine the Moon; however, a trine is not an aspect of affliction—I do mention its appearance, however, because the Moon happens to be in the 5th house of Leo and clearly confirms my above judgement—that Christopher Marlowe was the biological father of Henry Lanier.  The 5th house rules children and the Sun is the ruling planet of Leo; also, the Sun, is the natural ruler of the father.


C_Lanier_Earth Std 1

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