The Voice of Heritage



                                                               The Voice of Heritage


  The last conjunction on the previous chart, was between Moon and Mercury on Nov 11th, 2015.  The last conjunction on a horary chart represents a ‘past event’ that leads up to the need to ask a question; this ‘past event’ dealt with ‘heritage’ and the ‘end of the matter’ and happened in the 4th house. This revelation helped me formulate this question for my next horary chart. 

      Although a derived house is only used when there is a ‘unique relationship’ with the person in association with the querent, I have recently learned that a derived house can also be used ‘when there is an eager almost possessive feeling or impression left within the mind of the querent.  A need to know some sort of pertinent information—in short, a reason, a purpose.

Was Christopher Marlowe or Lord Chamberlain’s ancestry in question?  Feb 17th, 2017 @ 8:37 AM.

  • Querent: The cusp of the 1st house is @ 5 degrees Aries—the planetary ruler of Aries is Mars, which governs assertiveness, quarrels, men ages twenty-five to thirty-five. If in beneficial aspect, Mars indicates a strong and assertive friend, but if afflicted, then an enemy.
  • The First House: enthusiasm, initiative, the self, beginnings.


  • Quesited: The cusp of the 7th house is @ 5 degrees Libra—the planetary ruler of Libra is Venus: young women, social affairs, pleasures. Venus is illustrates the person whom the querent is concerned about/attentive to.
  • The Seventh House: marriage; legal contracts, agreements and theatre.


  • Either/or question of Heritage: The 7th house from the 4th is the 10th—the cusp of the 10th is @ 1 degree Capricorn; the planetary ruler of Capricorn is Saturn. Saturn represents older people and aging. If Saturn is afflicted, it will reveal who may endanger the achievement/accomplishment of the querent in some way; represents the person or persons with an underlying intentions.
  • The Tenth House: Status, reputation, honor, monarchy.

  Analysis and Opinion:

     In a question requiring some sort of change, the 1st house and its planetary ruler demonstrate things as they are; the 7th house and its planetary ruler show things as how they will become if the adjustment is made— Mars represents a young man; Venus, a young woman; Uranus represents surprises; as well as, unpredictable and fateful events.  This planetary activity is all contained within the 1st house.

    Within the 7th house is the moon in detriment.   It represents fugitives, and wanderers. Venus which becomes dignified in the 7th house through accidental dignity … becomes enhanced, improved.          

     Taking a closer look at the affliction to Saturn in the 10th house, I discovered that Lord Chamberlain was using his ancestral status as his ability to respond; to take action.


  • Chiron-Saturn—transiting Saturn @ 26Ò Sagittarius squares transiting Chiron @ 23Ò Pisces: The Ability to Respond.
  • The Fourth-harmonic Aspect: The Square (Major)


    Lord Chamberlain inherited a social economic status that controlled not only the outcome of this particular ‘love story’, but one that culminated into a complete and full stop of its development.   

— A Chiron square Saturn aspect needs to criticize and cast fault in order to soothe their own awareness of indignation or anger; soothe their own awareness of the affair between Emilia Bassano Lanier and Christopher Marlowe while she was still Lord Chamberlain’s mistress.  Perhaps re-claiming segments of their own importance and significance can only be reached and obtained through the process of charging someone else to be responsible.  If this need is not sanctioned in an outwardly visible manner, then it will fester inside and embitter the carrier of this affliction with Saturn.                   

House relationship

Saturn (transiting) 10th house—If a planet is 5 degrees from the cusp of the next house, then it can be counted in that house.  This is where our awareness of responsibility must be met; purposeful obligation unfortunately, as in this case, must be fulfilled.

Chiron (transiting) 12th house— When obsessed with status or prestige, abstracting an awareness of structure from our official role or title, may become an all too familiar and customary.  If these customs happen to fold and collapse, then the person with this configuration may discover that blindly understanding an inherited ancestral path has become a sort of dead end.

Perfected Aspects:

The Querents Significator and co-significator: Mars, Venus and Uranus.

  • Mars will be conjunct Venus perfectly before it is opposes Jupiter.
  • Mars will quincunx the Moon perfectly before it conjuncts Uranus.
  • Uranus will oppose Jupiter perfectly before it trines Saturn.

The Quesited Significator and co-significator: Venus and the Moon; Jupiter. 

  • Venus will quincunx the Moon perfectly before it opposes Jupiter.
  • Venus will sextile Mercury perfectly before it squares Pluto.
  • Jupiter will sextile Saturn perfectly before it trines Mercury.
  • Jupiter will oppose Uranus perfectly before it trines the Sun.

The answers Significator and co-significator: Saturn and Pluto.

  • Saturn will square Chiron perfectly before it sextiles Jupiter.
  • Saturn will sextile Jupiter perfectly before it trines Uranus.
  • Pluto will square Mars perfectly before it squares Jupiter.
  • Pluto will sextile the Moon perfectly before Chiron.


     If this chart (The Voice of Heritage) can be turned, then perhaps my previous chart (Death of Prominence) should have been turned, as well—it most definitely makes much more of a sensible outcome.


Was the true nature of Christopher Marlowe’s death more political in nature, an act of status; a death of prominence (reputation)?

   —December 26th, 2015 @ 8:02 AM—Horary chart

  • Querent: The cusp of the 1st house is @ 23 degrees Sagittarius—the planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter which rules politics, higher education, religion and monarchy.
  • Quisited: The cusp of the 7th house is @ 23 degrees Gemini—The planetary ruler of Gemini is Mercury which rules contracts, tricksters, tradesperson.
  • Love Affairs: The 10th house from the 8th is the 5th—the cusp of the 5th house is @ 19 degrees Taurus; the planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus which rules the arts, social affairs, theatre.

In Retrospect:

     Deciding whether the ascendant and the situation agreed with the querent, I felt as if the enthusiasm of the sign Aries was propelling me and I couldn’t think about anything else but the outcome of this question— I have an earlier horary chart drawn up and the proper outcome of this question will be of great benefit.  So, yes, the ascendant does describe and fit my situation.  The categorizing and selection practice of the ascendant began when I was beginning this writing project.  At first, I thought that it would be necessary for an integration piece, some sort of transition, but something in my mind said, “Just dive in, integrate necessary information as you go”, was that the Aries ascendant already beginning to influence the pasts need to set itself free?

     Did Christopher Marlowe rebuke Lord Chamberlain and the rumors were becoming too unbearable or was the appearance of the child a stark reminder that Lord Chamberlain could not get past?  A rising Aries does indicate a boldness toward authority.



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