Death of Prominence

   While taking some time away from the discovery of ‘what really happened to Christopher Marlowe’, I made a somewhat surprising, if not stunning discovery of my own, one which, as I thought at the time,  much reading of sparse and difficult to obtain documents of the past was the only directive or what I thought was the only directive. That was until I realized that an old hobby of mine could help support a history with many misconceptions and religious and political prejudices.

   I still remember the morning the idea came to me in its whole and complete entirety. March 9th, 2015 was my first attempt at a horary chart “Harnessing Inspiration.”  My reasoning, at the time, was a quote by Thomas A. Edison, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” My only thought was, perhaps this percentage rating needs to be balanced somewhat; perhaps horary astrology is a method that can benefit harnessing various forms of inspiration.

    While reading various biographies that might contain any fragment of information on Christopher Marlowe and his life, I learned that the theatres had to periodically close their doors because of the threat of the bubonic plague. One doctor that I have done some extensive research on, Dr. Simon Forman, used the ancient discipline of horary astrology to assess and diagnose his patients. I began believing that, perhaps, this ancient form of divination was a more concrete tool than I was aware—that if it could be used as a tool to make concoctions of medications, then could it not be used as a tool to instruct and aid the imagination and could this tool help construct a past with only a limited amount of sparse documents?

   I have never been much of a ‘political person’ beyond the fact of wistfully thinking all of what Christopher Marlowe could have been remembered for today, if his life had not been cut short. I couldn’t help wanting to learn more about the details of not just his death, but his brief life as well.  After reading “Shakespeare’s Dark Lady: Emelia Bassano Lanier, the Woman behind the Shakespeare’s Plays” by John Hudson, I learned about a brief affair between Emelia Bassano Lanier and Christopher Marlowe. My first thought was what a coincidence—I happen to be working on a blog featuring the short life of the same man.  My second thought had more to do with ‘how’ I was going to find any more information about this happening and the events that led up to his early demise—events that I felt could only be transcribed through a form of predictive astrology: horary astrology and the ‘what if’ syndrome of plot development in writing. She was Lord Hudson’s Mistress prior to her arranged marriage to Alphonse Lanier when she discovered that she was pregnant.    

     An earlier horary chart entitled “Death of Prominence” revealed that they both lovers may have had a status caught within the civil wars of one religion versus another; of a legal system in its beginning. 

Was the true nature of Christopher Marlowe’s death more political in nature, an act of status; a death of prominence (reputation)?

   —December 26th, 2015 @ 8:02 AM—Horary chart

  • Querent: The cusp of the 1st house is @ 23 degrees Sagittarius—the planetary ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter which rules politics, higher education, religion and monarchy.
  • Quisited: The cusp of the 7th house is @ 23 degrees Gemini—The planetary ruler of Gemini is Mercury which rules contracts, tricksters, tradesperson.
  • Monarchy and Prestige: The cusp of the 10th house is @ 2 degrees Scorpio—the planetary ruler of Scorpio is Mars, in modern astrology it is Pluto. Mars rules authority, monarchy, ruler, and structure— today, Pluto has much to do with undercover detective work, such as, CIA and FBI work; as well as, secret underground organizations like the ‘School of Night’ activities.


Horary Worksheet

Querent:  Martha MacDougald  

Question:   Was the true nature of Christopher Marlowe’s death more political in nature, an act of status; a death of prominence? 

Time, Date, Place:   December 26th, 2015 @ 8:02 AM, Cold Lake, AB   

Querent’s Planets:  The Querent’s Significator is Jupiter—other planets within the first house are: the Sun, Pluto and Mercury.

Quesited Planets:  The Quesited Significator is Mercury—co-ruler is the Moon; the point Part of Fortune

Past, Present, Future aspects of the Moon.

  Past:                              Present:                      Future:

Moon conjunct Mercury: the Past aspect of the Moon illustrates what event happened that led to the question needing to be asked. The significance of the answer for the querent. 



In between or an applying  sextile between the  Moon and Jupiter


Moon conjunct Jupiter




Moon’s Aspects From:  Nov 11th, 2015           Moon’s Aspects to:   Jan 9th, 2016

  The last conjunction of the Moon and Mercury: Nov 11th, 2015

  • Querent: The cusp of the 1st house is @ 18 degrees Virgo—the planetary ruler of Virgo is Mercury, which relates to various communication techniques, like letters, mail, …
  • Quesited: The cusp of the 7th house is @ 18 degrees Pisces—the planetary ruler of Pisces: traditional astrology Jupiter; modern astrology Neptune.
  • Heritage and Ancestry (past event): The cusp of the 4th house is @ 19 degrees Taurus; the planetary ruler of Taurus is Venus.

   The cusp of any house is usually where most of the influence is felt; however, the 7th house is intercepted by Cancer, the planetary influence of Cancer is the Moon, which is in opposition to a Combust Pluto.  I drew up a chart for the date of the last conjunction, Nov 11th, 2016 and discovered that this ‘past event’ happened in the 4th house, which represents ‘the end of the matter’ and ‘domestic issues’.  Did Christopher Marlowe’s death have nothing more to do than with heritage and ancestry? 

Essential Dignities


Planet              Ruler Ex

                                      alt. Trip.          Term                           Face                   Det.  Fall

Sun in Capricorn



Moon in Cancer



Mercury in Capricorn




Venus in Scorpio






Mars in Libra






Jupiter in Virgo




Saturn in Sagittarius









Speed of Planets:

The average speed of the Moon is 13 degrees 11 minutes a day— on Dec 26th, 2015, the Moon moved 13.28, which was much faster than normal.

 The average speed of Jupiter is 0.05”— on Dec 26th, 2015, Jupiter moved 0.02”, which was much slower than normal.

The average speed of Mercury is 0.59”—on Dec 26th, 2015, Mercury moved 1.13”, which was much faster than normal

The average speed of Mars is 0.31”— on Dec 26th, 2015, Mars moved 0.34”, which was a bit faster than normal. The higher octave of Mars is Pluto.

Perfected Aspects:

The Querents Significator and co-significator: Jupiter and Saturn.

  • Jupiter will be trine Mercury perfectly before it is sextile the Moon.
  • No significant aspects to Saturn.

The Quesited Significator and co-significator: Mercury and the Moon.

  • Mercury will trine Jupiter perfectly before it squares Mars or opposes the Moon.
  • The Moon will sextile Jupiter perfectly before it opposes Mercury.

The answers Significator and co-significator: Mars and Pluto.

  • Mars will square Mercury perfectly before the Moon.
  • Pluto will square Uranus perfectly before it sextiles Chiron or opposes the Moon.

Fixed Stars:

  • At approximately 24 degrees Libra is the fixed star Sirius, the Shining One—

 “It indicates that the small action of an individual has a large effect on the collective.”—Bernadette Brady in her book Fixed Stars.  Could this definition be translated as: the ‘small action’ be a formulated question and the ‘individual’ be the querent.   


Mars is located in the 9th house @ 25 degrees—the antiscia is @ 5 degrees Pisces. The reflective qualities …


   I have located three Receptions within the ‘essential dignity’ table: the Trilicity column, Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra; the Terms area, Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra; the 1st Face/Decanate area Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn.

  Analysis and Opinion:

     Since the discovery of the three outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, various astrologers have attempted to include the influence of these planets within the essential dignity tables, but with somewhat questionable success. I have recently discovered a system that may suggest an easier to understand alternative of how the outer planets fulfill their positions within the essential dignity tables much better. 

    This website proclaims that the three sets of octave planets are, Mercury/Uranus— Venus/Neptune— Mars/Pluto; in this chart, Mars and Pluto are in applying square  from one another, so Mars’ phasal relationship to Pluto would be the First Quarter Phase.  Phasal relationship relates to the natural rhythms and phases of the Moon and the Moon plays a vital role in a horary chart as a co-significator of the querent if the significator of quisited is not the Moon.    

   The desire body, which represents the Mars and Pluto phasal relationship, within the First Quarter Phase (0 to 90 degrees), may represent the ultimate beginning of a life, a project, a relationship or a career. The assertive influence of Mars meets the deep, transformative aspects of Pluto; a self-directed awareness with much in the way of practical experience and durableness.  I find this quality in myself as I work on the events that brought the early demise of Christopher Marlowe.

In Retrospect:

   At first glance, the Sun @ 4 degrees Capricorn is peregrine, which is a planet with no essential dignity, considered to be lost and aimless. Other factors within the chart, however, can return a peregrine planet back into its dignified state/original status. For instance, the Triplicity of the planets Venus in Capricorn and Saturn in Libra; as well as, Venus under the Term of Capricorn and Saturn under the term of Libra are in mutual reception by Term and Face.  While Saturn is in the 1st Face/Decanate of Pisces; Jupiter is in the 1st Face/Decenate of Capricorn.

   Although the essential dignity of this particular chart has revealed enough power to bring the Sun back to its original status, it’s the accidental dignity that tells of a person “in great fear”—the planets Mercury and Pluto, which can also be found in Capricorn, are combust the Sun—if a planet is any closer than 8 degrees and thirty minutes distance from the Sun, then the Significator of the Querent, Mercury, is Combust; “in great fear, as if overpowered by some great person”. 

Although the Sinificator of the quesited is not the Sun, but Mars, I felt that this extra work was necessary because Pluto is combust the Sun and Pluto is also the higher octave of Mars.   

    Pluto is combust the Sun and are both in the 1st house of Capricorn—if a planet is 8Ò 30” distance from the Sun Significator of the quesited is combust; “in great fear, as if, overpowered by some great person”.  Although the Sun and Pluto are 10Ò, it still makes me wonder if the influence may still have been present!  Could Christopher Marlowe been in great fear—feeling overpowered by some great person, like Lord Hudson perhaps?   (Also, the co-ruler of the quesited is the Moon)

   The fullness of the Moon was realized approximately the previous day; however, the Moon is opposing Pluto. The most recent Full Moon took place in the house of the 7th house of Cancer, the quesited house—this illustrates that the answer to the question will be achieved.  Also, the Sun is not considered ‘besieged’—it does not lie in between two malefic planets, such as, Mars and Saturn.  Because the evidence is showing that Christopher Marlowe was ‘in great fear’ of authority monarchy, I would like to take a quick look at the Moon’s Nodes—I have recently learned that Christopher Marlowe was planning a trip to Scotland. Did he realize something was amiss or were his literary friends prompting him to take the long journey—and, if so, why? 

   The South Node is approximately @ 25Ò Pisces—the co-ruler of Pisces, which is Neptune is @ 7Ò in the 2nd house of this chart.  The South Node is considered a malefic point; “a baleful and malicious juncture within Horary chart.  If a person’s spirituality, inner essence, is not being met, then Neptune can be about confusion and absentmindedness.  Was Marlowe feeling confused about the planned trip; did he hesitate too long?  

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