The Signature of a Horary Question

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“The Priest of the Sun” title of chapter 22 in the “The Reckoning: The Murder of Christopher Marlowe” by Charles Nicholl, not only engages the reader, but the writer in search of a writing idea, or a horary chart to learn from. This old, ancient adage, in my opinion, has proven itself to be not only factual, but faithful. When I read a comment made by fellow playwright, Robert Greene, referring to Marlowe as ‘The Mad Priest of the Sun’ after his debut play ‘Tamburlaine the Great’, I created the following Horary Chart Aug 31st, 2015 @ 6:09 PM, and asked,

Was Robert Greene suspicious of Christopher Marlowe’s belief in a sun-centred solar system, introduced by Giordano Bruno in the year 1583, via a visit to London—in short, did Bruno’s work inspire Marlowe’s “Tamburlaine the Great”?

Act I: scene I, of “Tamburlaine the Great” begins with the conversation between the brothers Mycetes and Cosroe, which reveals five of the seven known planets of that time period: the Sun, Cynthia: the Moon, Saturne, Lord Jove: Jupiter and Mercurie. Bruno was an advocate of the Nicholas Copernicus belief that the universe revolved around the Sun as opposed to the general, widespread wisdom that the earth lay at the center of the solar system.

As I go through the list of fundamental questions to prove the validity of any horary chart, I find my self with my first dilemma—does the ascendant and its ruler physically describe the querent and the situation? While I can’t help but be intrigued that the Ascendent (ASC), which lay upon the 6th degree of Aquarius, and the sign Sabian symbol for this degree, ‘A performance of a mystery play’. Considering that“Tamburlaine the Great” was Christopher Marlowe’s debut play, it can; therefore, be categorized within the meaning of the above stated Sabian symbol. Although it is the midpoint at 6`Leo, ‘An old woman and a flapper’, peeks my interest, this Sabian symbol for this sign involves the perspective of various generational views. Have we all not lost time in the attics and basements of our grandparents and their long kept mementos and imagined what life back then must have been like; how about going even further back to our earlier ancestors or even the ancestors from various cultures and also imagining what life back then must have been like? Still, I need to ask myself what does this have to do with the querent and the situation? Everything!
Although the above stated question is the one that I will be beginning with, the continouosly developing desire to discover the identity of the person who was vulnerable until Marlowe’s murder on May 30th, 1593, will always be the underlying theme of any future horary chart or question. I do not know of any other way to solve this puzzle then to open with the basics and the beginning of Christopher Marlowe’s career. I am hoping that the inquisitiveness of the sign Aquarius will shed light upon the various details needed in order to discover the answer that I am seeking.
I also believe that the placement of the Moon @ 10~ 22’ Aries may have some bearing on the matter at hand because the 1st house in a horary chart represents new projects and personal interests. The sign of Aries also signifies ‘new beginnings’ and ‘self-assertion’ which, in my opinion, would be highly valued for a new-comer in the competitive theatre genre. As for me, I am hoping that this placement of the Moon will propel my enthusiasm in discovering who was spared by Christopher Marlowe’s murder.
One of the concepts that the 7th house deals with is ‘person who has dealings with another but whose relation is not specified by another house’—I am asking a question about someone I do not know, yet have read much about; someone who had lived in a time much earlier, a time with very different social, religious, and political views—as far as I know, there is no particular house that represents asking a question about a historical figure. While the cusp of the 7th house is in Leo, the placement of the second light, the Sun is intercepted @ 8` 18’ Virgo. The sign Leo is about entertainment and theatre; the sign Virgo is about the needed detailed work that new projects require. The most recent past major aspect made by the Moon to the Sun was a trine—a trine signifies a positive relationship; a positive relationship between Giordano Bruno and Christopher Marlowe perhaps? Since there are no classical considerations present—Moon in Via Combusta, Moon Void of Course, Moon in late degrees, or Saturn in 7th house, the chart is, therefore, considered ‘radical’; significant and useful. The signature of a horary chart!
Because of various religious up-heavels and the Great London Fire of 1666, few facts—church records, court registries and political archives , remain to reveal what life must have been like back then. Much has been left up to the imagination—the imagination and a visual aid’ a horary chart.

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