The Basis of the Creative Perspective

(Mercury’s Dance Toward Literary Perfection)
Although my underlying thesis has taken me away from a retrograde planet’s embrace, I was quickly able to see how the effects of the planet Mercury in retrogade may aid into bringing my thesis to fruition, for one poet, at least: Marianne Moore. While the planet Mercury is retrograde in her natal chart, the fixed star Alycone is to be found on Nadir @ 27~ 29’ Taurus. While Marianne Moore’s retrograde Mercury is at 27~ 22’ Scorpio in the Tropical 5th House of Creativity, its particular paran to Mercury has created an almost exact opposition aspect that may have, in part, been responsible for her early attempts at literary perfection. The insight of an opposition aspect, portrayed in opposite signs of the zodiac wheel in her chart,Taurus and Scorpio respectively, have a tendency to create an achievement atmosphere; the impression of stepping stones, if you will. The opposition aspect has always propelled a person forward; in order to, reach a place of personal realization— I will not say to correct an imbalance for an almost exact opposition aspect would, in deed, create an almost perfect sort of balance; a perfect sort of balance that would influence her to seek and, at times, adjust its position ; in order, to reach a harmonious agreement toward differing and, somewhat, inconsistent concepts.
Mercury has always encompassed all the levels of the mind’s activity and development —how we process information and comprehend various concepts and ideas; as well as, how we communicate what we have processed or learned. The backward motion of a retrograde planet is felt on a much more intimate level and the qualities of a retrograde planet, in this case Mercury, will produce energies that will be felt innately. As I continue to read Marianne Moore’s early letters, mainly to her family members, I can’t help but be aware of an almost natural need to group creative words and elaborate concepts on a blank sheet of paper—something a writer feels an almost compulsion to do.
Because the sign of Taurus governs the throat area, I cannot help but wonder: if the opposition aspect created between the planet Mercury and the fixed star Alycone, may have been, in part, what urged Marianne Moore’s voice to find its own distinct rhythm; its own essential purpose. As well, I feel that the fixed star Alycone, one of the seven sisters of the Pleiades asterism in the constellation Taurus, may correspond with my underlying thesis: Could the fixed star Alycone have been, in part, the seed that instructed her inner-soul to pick up that pen and skilfully guide it towards literary perfection; could it have been the kernel that began her life long journey towards literary acceptance among certain peers—could Alycone have reached a place where inception began its literary journey within her soul?

Intuition emphasizes the overall influence of this fixed star, as it stimulates the Third Eye or Brow Chakra— Alycone represents the leading sister who is known as the central one beyond her parents hold and is of universal and mythic legend. In paran with Mercury, this fixed star can indicate areas of interest to you and; therefore, effect your learning capabilities. A concentrated insight into the misfortune and hardships of others may, at times, impede development over a period of time; however, this may also lead to great insight and personal advantage within a given subject area. Mercury in paran with Alycone will always birth an influential speaker: If so, then I cannot help but wonder, will Mercury in paran with Alycone deliver an influential writer? Perhaps the opposition aspect between a Taurian’s constant patience and practability and Scorpio’s resourceful determination had accessed the possibilities of writing career in Marianne Moore’s young mind and found the beginning of voice in her young idealism!
Because the next Mercury in retrograde will be on the 14th of July 2012, its transit will be @ 12~ 33’ Leo, I was given the opportunity to delve deeper into expressions that may have began literary career!

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