Finding Creative Establishment within Impulse and Emotion.

     The work of poet’s in general  has, as of late, become a new passion of mine—and the concept of what had inspired them to reach the great heights they did has become the basis of my over all thesis.  Of course, there has always been the advice from a certain significant figure within their chosen field, but what was the underlying purpose that led them to achieve those great heights or status in their chosen literary field? 

      Since I have begun to learn about the early lifeof these poet’s,  I have, increasingly, become aware of a much deeper question with a much more focused concept: What creative spark or inspiration began their lifelong pursuit of poetry or the written word; what creative abilities inspired them to follow the written words lull and to develop a sense of devotion to it.  In short,  what made them the poet’s that are so well-known for today?          

      Along this basis, I began to wonder, what seed instructed their inner-soul to pick up that pen and skilfully guide it towards literary perfection; what kernel began their life long journey towards literary acceptance among certain peers?  I know there is always that family member or friend or a specific mentor that helps to direct somone’s path in life, but I felt a need to dig beneath these poet’s publicly known persona’Images and reach the place where inception began its literary journey.  


     One such poet, Elizabeth Bishop and her Natal Chart; as well as, the soon to be retrograde of Venus happens to reveal a certain fixed star Alphard of the Hydra, the Water Snake constellation.  This fixed star has been coined The Solitary One; a person who finds this fixed star within their Natal Chart can expect to be walking a solitary path quite a few times within their life span—perhaps when Venus enters its retrograde cycle this year, we can all be expect to be walking not only a solitary path, but one that allows for inner-guidance to choose its own and ultimately our own path! 

     Elizabeth Bishop had spent much of her early adulthood travelling through South America before finally settling  in the mountain town of Petropolis and in Rio de Janeiro—Brazil for fifteen years—some of her experiences while traveling had become the subject of much of her later literary work!

Perhaps this fixed star in paran with the planet Venus on her natal chart inspired her need to venture beyond the scope of the familiar and find inspiration in foreign travel and concepts!


     The building blocks of Venus invite a sense of harmonization —an inner need to  synchronize events and lessons learned .  This planet promotes an absolute form of love and is associated with the Greek Goddess  Aphrodite, Venus depicts a passion for beauty, fertility and renewal.  She quiets the sea (Neptune) and soothes the temperament of the natural world;  her spirit balances and harmonizes the most intimate form of human impulses and emotions.

     Neptune is of transcendence in the form of humane recognition; its influence is of absolute empathy concerning genuine forms of collective groups of support; its philosophy is of solution in the form of divine recognition.  So when its ‘lower octave’ Venus endures yet another retrograde cycle, our awareness of worth and sympathy may activate a level of our active compassion that may be seen through the eyes of Neptune; its influence transferred to a sound within music—a beat that represents

a somewhat slower rhythm;  a note, at a lower octave,  that may be felt deep within the being. 

     Perhaps transcendence will become focused and condensed through our discernment of what we believe is the valued potential of our own self-worth in a spiritual and biological sense—perhaps Elizabeth Bishop had felt an immediacy  that had beckoned  for  a much different horizon and a much different solitary path!  Perhaps this new passion of mine will become a solitary path of its own making; one felt deep within my own being! 

     The retrograde motion of any and all planets involve an attuning towards inner-involvement within  the spirit; the soul.   This turning inwards, may indicate a path that reveals a somewhat  critical infliction that we brought with us from a past life into our present incarnation and we must discover a way in which to overcome this past infliction.  In short, the past negative karma brought in to the present world is what we must discover a way to rise above or beat.  

     Because the influence of Venus helps an individual to form an opinion and pass judgement—the placement of the planet Venus within a natal chart, helps an individual to judge whether they felt that they were adequately loved in any any relationship throughout the life experience, whether it was one formed in the past, present or future —its influence helps an individual to reach toward an intimate form of contentment.    When this particular planet is in retrograde motion, sensitive experiences will become internalized as the individual will need to sort through some past events, as in, Elizabeth Bishop’s case,  and her brief adolescent relationship with her parents.   Since the poet was orphaned at such a young age, I can’t help but wonder:   Was she forever traveling in search of her own roots; seeking a own form of relationship with her own troubled past—forging a solitary path that she felt  deep within her own being?



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