A Few Mornings of Reading and Re-reading.

I spent the entire morning reading a box set by Elizabeth Bishop; a collection of her entire poem’s and prose selections, or, at least, that is what I am assuming and hoping about the prose—just selections. I’ve visited a few Book seller websites and the price they are asking for“Efforts of Affection”, Elizabeth Bishop’s Personal Memoir, I am hoping that there are a few more pages than the twenty-three made available outside of her box set! That is, however, why I purchased it in the first place—“Efforts of Affection” was out of stock and I needed to immediately learn a bit more about Marianne Moore , in order to establish and confirm an approximate time of birth for her Mentor as well. I am hoping, as well, with further reading, that the natural unveiling of a dilemma will reveal whether Pluto was within Marianne’s tenth or eleventh House of her Natal Chart?
At first, I thought that Marianne’s honor had come under question when the unnamed poet … had contradicted her mother; however, I can’t help but wonder now if it was her mother’s honor and not her own that was what was being offended— the tenth House of Status would most definitely begin to reveal her true identity—if that were the case. After re-reading “The Book of Pluto” by Steven Forrest; however, could Marianne Moore have found herself in a “a morally comprimised position” and, as a result, began not to invite the unnamed poet to her lavish gatherings—which, of course, would be better analyzed within the eleventh House of Companionship.
And the latter few afternoon’s, reading another book I’ve recently received in the mail—mail to a small, rural Canadian area can take a little time—“The Selected Letters of Marianne Moore by Alfred A Knopf—Publisher of Random House, New York”. I figure what better way to get to know an author who is deceased, then through her own intimate and personal correspondence! Perhaps the next bit of reading will help reveal Pluto’s tenth or eleventh House rightful position!
After reading the first chapter of the above mentioned book, I have to admit that I am still a little undecided on the tenth or eleventh House position of Pluto; however, the first chapter of her correspondence did cover the earlier years of her life and further cemented, to me, how much she did, in fact, value home and family concepts—the earlier years of her correspondence were many letters between her and her brother. Also, unlike Elizabeth Bishop, I learned that Marianne Moore had no desire for foreign travel over an extended period of time; therefore, her presence never strayed too far from the New York area. In fact, when she did travel abroad, with her mother, the structure of their lives and perhaps the supply of their funds could not meet the expenses of an extended length of time.

If Pluto is within the eleventh House of her Natal Chart, then her Ascendant would have to be in the last few degrees of Cancer not Leo and this placement would better establish Marianne Moore’s need for a structured home life. And would also put me quite a few steps closer to finding that commonality between the Natal Chart’s of both Elizabeth Bishop and Marianne Moore!
Here is Marianne Moore’s new, updated chart:

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