The True Origins of a Beginning.

While reading Joanne Feit Diehl’s portrayal of “Elizabeth Bishop and Marianne Moore: The Psycho dynamics of Creativity”, I felt almost compelled to spend a few days comparing and contrasting various times of birth to get an accurate depiction of Elizabeth Bishop and Marianne Moore’s Natal Chart. Where as, Elizabeth Bishop had spent much of her early adulthood traveling through South America before finally settling in the mountain town of Petropolis and in Rio de Janeiro—Brazil, Marianne Moore had remained quite content within her studio of her mother’s loft in Brooklyn, New York.
Not having an accurate birth time for Elizabeth Bishop, I naturally placed my own birth time as a substitute until further reading of biographies written about her and her own work, itself, revealed her love of travel and foreign cultures. Jupiter and the Ninth House of any Natal Chart governs travel to far, distant places—long distance travel, if you will, so, I knew instantly that I had to cut and paste a proper time that would place Jupiter in the Ninth House of her Natal Chart. After deciding on the approximate time of 6 AM—a time that clearly places Jupiter within the 9th House of Scorpio, I became satisfied and felt that I had found a place of beginning— an origin point in which to begin an analysis of her literary life; her poetry and her personal life with the various biographies written about her.
I myself have never been the sort of person that enjoys putting months of hard work into something that could easily be founded as false, and; therefore, decided that a bit more research was in order; research for both Elizabeth and Marianne, who were both rumored to be perfections about their own works!
Since the poet, Elizabeth Bishop was orphaned at a very young age—her father passed away when she was only eight months old; her mother fell victim to depression and was institutionalized when Elizabeth was only five years old, I couldn’t help but wonder: Could Elizabeth Bishop, herself, have felt somewhat cheated by her father’s early demise due to Brights disease and felt a compassionate understanding toward her mother’s plight with mental illness shortly thereafter?
After consulting the Astrodienst website @ , I was soon to discover from their short edition of a Personal Portrait not only did Jupiter need to be in the Ninth House, but the Moon needed to be established or at home within the Fourth House for many various reasons! The reason that almost jumped out at me from the page was the‘small inheritance’ with this placement—Elizabeth Bishop had received a ‘small inheritance’ upon her father’s passing. Also, upon learning that teaching positions had come her way on numerous occasions, I was soon to discover she had always shied away from them , preferring the vagabond life of a traveler, at least, until the money from her father’s passing ‘small allowance’ had run out.
The biographies that I have been reading on Elizabeth Bishop have always left a link to an example of Marianne Moore`s work. At first, knowing about Elizabeth Bishop`s sexual preference, I assumed that Marianne was a life long partner of hers. Further reading of the biography I mentioned above, I was to clearly to discover that Marianne Moore was her Mentor—a precursor to some of Elizabeth Bishop`s earlier works! But what brought them together? Besides a taste for the art of poetry writing and literary pursuits, what fates began their intimate, and yet complex friendship that accented not only their time spent together, but the rest of Elizabeth Bishop’s life? What had Marianne Moore become to Elizabeth Bishop: “an adoptive fore mother”?
On a personal level, Marianne, valued and had a very faithful relationship with her mother—even to the point that some certain writer was no longer invited to any of her gatherings because “he was offensive to mother” she had told Elizabeth when she had innocently inquired—most definitely fourth House activity! Could that be part of the commonality between their Natal Charts that I have been looking for was a Fourth House Moon placement? If Elizabeth Bishop had felt the weight of her mother’s illness, then did she extend those emotions towards her mentor Marianne Moore?

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