Upon the Leaf of Existence

Patterns -designs of intricate planning
shape the spirit of where you once stood.
As the Moon begins its ascent,
you cannot help but notice
Albari’s increasing brightness
in the form of enthusiasm; in the
form of a seminal perspective that
notices the need for your
subtle transference.
You raise your hand, place index finger
between distance of the Full Moon and Albali;
calculate conjunction, then ease toward its contentment.
III)Moment of Self-discovery.
Although the leaf is now covered with
late Autumn’s first skiff of snow, its
memory remains a querent to
questions on inner-self’s integrity.
Do we wonder about moment of
self-discovery; our own river
within an ocean?
Continuous Creation provides for the
Universes expansion- accepts that
which cannot be defended;
rationalized; given reason for.
As tips of the leaves outer
curvature throws the light
snows abundance aside as if
translating Earth’s new language,
we try to simplify its very profound meaning.

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