The Encircling of Connectedness


As near particles begin to appear over a horizon
returning to its ritual of pale pewter,
your mind reaches for the familiarity of the Moon.
Its influence to prepare a soul for enlightenment
is not lost on you.

You wonder about the origins of the universe,
the origins of the human heart; the connection
between Macrocosm and Microcosm;
the universal connection between the Cosmos
and Man.

As you observe the sphere of the night sky slowly
coming into focus, your thoughts return to the
concept of Continuous creation and it’s almost
necessary conformity of laws and principles,
at times, confounds you!

As the buoyancy of the air impresses upon
your surroundings, you not only notice its
stillness within your unstill mind, but its
lightness within your soul as it begins to
select synopsis and shape direction.
II) Urn
As you look up at the dark of the Moon,
you remember the figure in Aquarius,
angling his Urn towards the earth;
wonder if water was only a metaphor
of that time period?

You touch the yellowed leaf on the stem of

Your Peony and consider its strength as it
yields to the pressure of your fingers.  As you

release your hands pressure the angled and raised

sides of the leaf curl back into themselves.

The cadence of the winds undertone reaches your ear;
a low murmur that reflects a nothingness sound.
As kept air encircles your immediate surroundings,
you encircle the leaf within your palm. An abstract
thought endures to reason with your soul;

prepares to find fluency within the new leafs knowledge.
Its familiarity of small items is like a destined
decree bound within a passive language, a language

that absorbs reflection of self and emulates
that of a basic basin; an unrefined urn! 


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